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Household effects move and storage, Office facility move and storage in Beijing?

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With many years of office moving experience, we are able to create meticulous and practical plan for all kinds of office and factory moving needs.

Our PC-containers, rolling containers etc… is utilized to maximize the safety, efficiency and flow of the move
Relocate all kinds of office goods to their correct places and it’s so simple and easy to be followed by your employees
Our unique tailor-made cost-effective price is always praised and acceptable

Can Beijing Mover move IT equipment?

Certainly, we’ve done a lot of IT equipment moves for foreign enterprises, industry covers software companies, finance firms,fund & stock companies… who have captiously requesting on timing, safety, security and secrecy. Name list is available upon request.

Can Beijing Mover move heavy equipment?

Certainly, we can move big safes, copier machines, etc. We have all necessary moving equipment and experience required.

Can Beijing Mover handle dismantle and re-assembling work for workstations, board room furniture?

Certainly, our professional staffs are specially trained and with excellent experience to handle these matters.

How does BeijingMover execute the move of our computers?

Our PC-boxes internally covered with foam can give your computer good protection.

Does Beijingmover provide protection for the walls, floors and lift?

Certainly, BeijingMover will take proper measures to protect the new and old office locations to prevent any possible damage.

Do you also work during the weekend and/or at night?

Yes, that is not a problem. We understand that you would like to minimize your “down time” and therefore require a moving

company that is flexible. Working weekends, holiday and/or nights is a part of our normal practice.

Please contact BeijingMover moving specialists for more information or quires concerning your office relocations.



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